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Children on fair ground ride

Current Affairs



Mike Williams leads a special BBC investigation into allegations of the sexual abuse of children by UN peacekeepers. Despite repeated scandals and pledges of zero tolerance by the United Nations, Mike uncovers claims of rape and child prostitution.
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Which societies around the world are best at raising children? Children's rights campaigner and UK Woman of the Year 2006, Camila Batmanghelidjh looks beyond the statistics on infant mortality, malnutrition and literacy, to analyse which countries and cultures are focused on the real needs of children.
 Listen to Part One: United Kingdom
 Listen to Part Two: Moldova
Listen to Part Three: Malawi
Listen to Part Four: Russia
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The Interview - Michael Palin

Guest presenter Max Syed-Tollan chose Michael Palin as his guest.

One sixth of the internationally adored "Monty Python" TV and film comedy team, for the past 18 years Michael Palin has concentrated on developing a new role, that of explorer.

He talks about the excitement of exploring, the unexpected kindness in the midst of desperate poverty, and being shaved by a blind barber with an enormous blade.
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