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Personal stories
Joel Clyde Fountain
Joel Clyde Fountain, killed on 13 June 2000


Joel Fountain
"Our son, is the most beautiful person I have ever met and I feel privileged to have been blessed with his company and care for 22 years.
He was reserved, extremely humorous, considerate, polite, generous, helpful, responsible, conscientious, affectionate, intelligent, fit, and attractive with a huge smile. He was full of energy and enterprise, full of warm blood, made up of warm flesh, moving bones and muscle. He was a very special person and all who met him were hooked.

On June 13 2000 he attended the first Euro 2000 football match in Eindhoven Holland to watch England play Portugal. He had such a memorable day. There was John (father), John (father’s friend), Joel and Ben (Joel’s friend).

They’d celebrated in the square, had their photos taken and signed the huge football. Despite England’s loss it had been the most peaceful Euro football match on record and I was relieved to go to bed happy, knowing they were safe.

Joel had left me a message earlier on the answer phone to tell me that he’d got a ticket and he was in the ground and that he would phone me again when he’d gone home – he sounded so excited!

Russ, another friend, had driven in to meet them though he’d not been to the match. A last minute decision for them to get out of his father’s car and take a lift in Russ’s car against his father’s better judgement lost him his life. They all walked to the corner and Joel turned to his father and waved saying, ‘See you later, Dad’.

No one was aware that Russ had been drinking. Although they were excited they were tired and Joel wanted to go home – he had work in the morning. The next thing John knew was the knock on the door from the police. I had a phone call from John early morning.
Joel's name means ‘celestial traveller’ - that’s his job now.
Lynn-Marie Fountain, Joel's mother
Joel had his whole life ahead of him. He had just met his first girlfriend – Annemieke. He had just planned to visit relations in Australia and seeing some of the world out there.

Joel was loved by all and as he is the first born of a string of first-borns named J Fountain, that has now stopped. John is the oldest of seven of a close family and they have all been seriously affected by their loss.

Joel's name means ‘celestial traveller’ - that’s his job now.

Joel’s death has left John and I with shattered lives and no future, as he was our only child. We suffered the indignity and trauma of the inquest, the court hearing of the driver in Holland and the case which the solicitor took on.

We received no money as compensation because Joel was over 21- years - old. We have suffered mental and physical illness due to the trauma, yet cannot claim anything and are just expected to carry on.

The only thing Joel ever did wrong in his life was get into the wrong car."

Lynn-Marie Fountain, Joel's mother.
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