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Mansoor Chaudhry
Mansoor Chaudhry, fatally injured 27 October 1990


Mansoor Chaudhry
"On 27 October 1990, Mansoor was violently killed by a van driver who crossed a junction against a bank of red traffic lights and ploughed into him as he was crossing on his motorcycle on green.

He sustained terrible injuries and was declared dead two hours later. The family were denied access to his body and only received an envelope with his possessions.

It took nine months before they knew that five witnesses testified that the driver not only ignored the red lights, but also the traffic that had stopped.

He was charged only with “driving without due care and attention” and received a fine of £250 and eight penalty points. The fact that he had killed someone was completely ignored, not even mentioned in court.

Mansoor was my only son, a gifted and beautiful person, with his whole life before him. He suffered a horrific death at the hands of a consistent offender, who was not made accountable.

Never in my entire life will I get over the casual, insulting treatment of my son’s death. The lack of authorities’ recognition of our tragedies is made even more obvious and insulting by their very serious and most appropriate response to deaths in other disasters.”

Brigitte Chaudhry, Mansoor's mother.
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