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Personal stories
Greg and Russell Turner
Greg Turner, fatally injured 9 June 1994


"We lost our youngest son Greg on 9 June 1994, just six weeks after he turned 18. He left home, smiling and happy as always, at 2145 and was seriously injured in a car crash at 2210.

The car he was in hit the kerb and somersaulted onto the beach, which resulted in Greg being thrown through the back window.

He died in hospital from head injuries. We were not allowed to see him and were unable to say goodbye, which is something we have found very hard to live with.

From the moment we were told by a friend that Greg had been in a crash, our lives have never been the same. We have never felt real happiness or peace since that day. Greg was a wonderful boy, loved by everyone he met. His death left a huge gap in the lives of many people. He had a great sense of humour and enjoyed life - we have been told by many people what a good influence and effect he had on their lives.

The girl driving the car in which Greg was killed was charged with racing, as there was another car involved, and with ‘Causing death by dangerous driving’. She was found guilty of racing and dangerous driving, but not guilty of causing Greg’s death. We could never understand this. She has never said she was sorry or shown any sign of remorse. We felt badly let down by the police and the jury."

Russell Turner, fatally injured 4 December 1997

"We thought our life couldn’t get much worse until our 24-year old son, Russell, crashed his car. He died at the scene, just one mile from where Greg was fatally injured.

We will never know what happened, but can only guess that he was speeding. Possibly he was thinking of his brother. He had never come to terms with losing Greg.

Russell was a quiet boy around the house but liked to enjoy himself with his girlfriend and friends. He loved music and expensive clothes. He was a source of comfort when we lost Greg and we built our lives around him, never believing we would again have to face the loss of a son.

Losing our sons has devastated us and we will never come to terms with the loss. We now just live from day-to-day."

Cathy Turner, Greg and Russell's mother.
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