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The Next Big Thing 2007 Rules
The Longlist
The Longlist


The following bands and artists have got through to the next round of The Next Big Thing 2007.

They are currently being judged by our global panel of music lovers and experts.

Listen to the songs below and tell us what you think of the tracks at

Axis - Waste (Lithuania)

Axis Aurimas Zutas
Axis formed in the northern Lithuanian industrial city of Siauliai, sometimes dubbed 'The Lithuanian Manchester' for the alternative bands that have emerged there. The band's song "Waste" is about a time that has gone and will never come back.

Listen to Axis

Beatrice Moses - Yahliaji Mkono Wa Mungu (Tanzania)

Beatice Moses
Beatrice Moses Kabojoka is from Tanzania. She started to sing gospel music as a solo artist in 2005. The main purpose of her songs is to encourage people to love each other, worship God and live in peace.

 Listen to Beatrice Moses

Fungu - Death Dance (Turkey)

Fungu is from Ankara, Turkey. The band members are: Zeynep on vocals and guitar; Pinar on bass; Erdem on guitar and backing vocals; and Kerem on drums. Fungu describe their music as "confused art students doing gigs at weddings".

Listen to Fungu

Hraun - Astarsaga ur fjollunum (Iceland)

Hraun prefer to call their musical genre "mood swing", as it reflects the ebb and flow of singer/songwriter Svavar Knútur's emotional tides. Ranging from melancholy to alcohol-fuelled rage, Hraun travel far and wide in their quest to explore the human condition.

 Listen to Hraun

Ha Ha Orchestra - I am saved (UK)

Ha Ha Orchestra
The band Ha Ha Orchestra was formed by songwriter and filmmaker Kirk. They describe their song "I Am Saved" as "a secular gospel about finding strength in a world of distraction". It features La La Spinks on vocals.

 Listen to Ha Ha Orchestra

Instiga - Ola (Brazil)

This rock quartet first surfaced in Barão Geraldo, in the district of Campinas, São Paulo. Christian Camilo does vocals and guitar, Gabriel Duarte is on bass, Heitor Pellegrina is on guitar and Pedro Leite is on drums.

 Listen to Instiga

J Cee - Nah Fi Run (Jamaica)

J Cee
J Cee's song "Nah Fi Run" is about not being afraid of negative forces. A strong, energetic, warm person, J Cee has overcome low self esteem and now motivates teenagers to make a positive difference with their lives.

Listen to J Cee

Jeremie Johnson - In my shoes (United Arab Emirates)

Jeremie Johnson
Jeremie Johnson started song writing when he was 16 years old. Music has always been his passion. His influences include traditional Indian and Arabic music. "In my shoes" is about the frustration and pain of denied love.

Listen to Jeremie Johnson

King Tut - What you're after (USA)

King Tut
The King Tut sound is post-rock, folk-rock, or electro-rock, depending which song you listen to. Mark Boyd is on guitar and vocals and Drew Veres is on drums. They got together in 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio.

 Listen to King Tut

Maya McCallum - Humide humilité (France)


After a few years singing in different bands on the French scene, Maya McCallum now performs her own work as singer, writer and composer. Her lyrics in French are intimate but creative and powerful.

 Listen to Maya McCallum

Noam Faingold Orchestra - Madam I have seen guns... (USA)

Noam Faingold has pulled together a string quintet, with vocals and a rock rhythm section. The song "Madam I have seen guns and you are not one" is about being in a relationship where your partner tries to make you feel bad for having feelings for them.

Listen to the Noam Faingold Orchestra

Penny Broadhurst - Chemist goods - United Kingdom

Penny Broadhurst
"Chemist goods" is about deceit, sexual ethics and things not being what they seem. It is made up of sharp lyrics and wordplay, a unique voice and world view, mixed with catchy tunes. She was born in North Yorkshire and is proud of her rural roots.

Listen to Penny Broadhurst

Psy'Aviah (Belgium)

Psy Aviah
Psy'Aviah crosses between industrial, electro-rock, pop and bigbeat sounds. The band is made up of Yves Schelpe, Eméle Nicolaï and Kristof de Clerck. They try to create a combined sound with a hint of darkness. This track was a collaboration with Suzi Q Smith.

 Listen to Psy'Aviah (Belgium)

Sherieta Lewis - Found My Love (Jamaica)

Sherieta Lewis
Born into a family of singers in Kingston, Jamaica, Sherieta's vocals reflect her personality and her determination. Her style is influenced by the local culture of Jamaica: reggae and dancehall; and the sound of church choirs.

 Listen to Sherieta Lewis (Jamaica)

Shortcut Therapy - (Spain)

Shortcut Therapy
Shortcut Therapy is a DJ/producer Giorgio Mugnai. Giorgio has worked as agent/tour manager for Groove Armada, Carl Cox and many others. Shortcut Therapy aim to create new spaces and different atmospheres.

 Listen to Shortcut Therapy

Stereoptera - I feel good (Russia)

Sagittarius Stereoptera
The four members of Stereoptera are: producer, musician, filmmaker and poet Kostas "Big Noizzze" Khionidis; musician, DJ, composer, producer Valery Sagittarius" Strelets; Nin Eagle and K Lo. They frequently cooperate with Vyacheslav Polunin's Theatre "Litsedei".

 Listen to Stereoptera

Tshila and the Ecclectics - Namboozo (Uganda)

Tshila has always been passionate about music. While living in the United States as a student, Tshila witnessed the strong power of the underground hip-hop. She believes in a force for change in Africa through music.

 Listen to Tshila

Vrelo - Posle Mome (Serbia)

A member of the band Vrelo
Vrelo was founded by Natasa Tomic in 1999 in Ruma. They started out playing traditional Serbian folk music, have gone through various lineup changes and now see themselves as guardians of authentic traditional Serbian music.

 Listen to Vrelo

Wicked Aura Batucada - Fight (Singapore)

Wicked Aura
The song is about inspiring people to live their dreams. It combines batucada percussions, aspects of Brazilian arts and electric guitar. to create a dash of Afro-beats and funk, modern instrumentations and influences of ethnic Asian local music.

Listen to Wicked Aura Batucada

Yunasi - Ndi Ndi Ndi (Usilewe) (Kenya)

Yunasi's song "Ndi Ndi Ndi" is about the dangers of drinking too much. The aim is to appeal to both the young and the old, and is a manifestation of Kenyan music, Sesube, a mixture of Sega, Isukuti and Benga.

Listen to Yunasi

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