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Dirty Wars
Nuclear Wal-Mart
Left: Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Libya's leader Colonel Gaddafi. Right: father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb AQ Khan

Gadaffi & the "Nuclear Wal-Mart"


Allan Urry reveals the inside story of the deal that brought Colonel Gadaffi in from the cold.

He also investigates what is being dubbed "the Nuclear Wal-Mart" -a secret supply network that stretches from Asia to the Middle East and Europe.

The network provides a black market with everything needed to make an atomic bomb, including stolen designs for nuclear warheads, machines to make enriched uranium and middlemen to smuggle specialist high-tech components from countries like the UK and Germany.

This all happened under the noses of international inspection regimes.

At the head of the network is Pakistan's foremost nuclear scientist, AQ Khan, who gave his country the nuclear bomb.

Western spies who penetrated his secret network are now trying to discover who else he has sold his deadly secrets to. But could more have been done earlier to prevent the spread of these deadly technologies around the world?

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