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The Forum
13 July
Albie Sachs, Eva Hoffman, John Grey


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This week's ideas: constitution, human progress and the impact of music
The Forum, the BBC World Service programme which boldly crosses boundaries: scientific, creative and geographic. This week presented by philosopher and classicist Angie Hobbs.

Meet the guests

Albie Sachs, one of South Africa's most eminent judges is best known for the key role he played in drafting the South African constitution. He makes the case for the power of a constitution to change a nation.

Philosopher and former professor of European thought at the London School of Economics, John Gray, explains in his latest book, Black Mass, why he thinks human progress is nothing more than a delusion.

Polish Canadian writer, Eva Hoffman, gave up a career in music to become a writer. In her book Illuminations, Eva reveals why she thinks music is still the most complete of all the arts and can have a powerful impact, even helping to reduce violence.

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Each week we give one of our guests the chance to change the world and present an idea they feel could make all the difference.

This week it's the turn of author Eva Hoffman.

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