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The Forum
10 Aug
John Sulston, Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter, Rana Mitter


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A conceptual meeting point for this week's three ideas, by Rosie Lonnon
The Forum, the BBC World Service programme which boldly crosses boundaries: scientific, creative and geographic, presented by Bridget Kendall.

Meet the guests

Nobel Prize winning biologist and a leading figure of the human genome project John Sulston on the moral conflict between research for profit and the need for development in science.

German-Kenyan new media artist Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter embodies the unusual concept of one artistic identity made out of two. She reveals why celebrating sameness is central to her work. Click here for a closer look.

Oxford University lecturer Rana Mitter discusses whether Chinese culture will ever become the mainstream.

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Each week we give one of our guests the chance to change the world and present an idea they feel could make all the difference.

Nobel Prize winning scientist John Sulston presents his idea.

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