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The Forum
28 Sep
Ray Kurzweil, Elizabeth Pisani, Ramachandra Guha


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Mahatma Gandhi, half man half machine, casts away prejudice to effectively fight HIV/AIDS, by Emily Kasriel

The Forum, the BBC World Service programme which boldly crosses boundaries: scientific, creative and geographic, this week presented by Tim Marlow.

Meet The Guests

American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes that in less than 50 years, computer technology will be increasingly incorporated within the human body in a concept he calls ?singularity'.

Writer and epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani argues we must take a less politically correct approach to HIV/AIDS and deal with the root causes head on, in her new book The Wisdom of Whores.

Indian historian and author of India After Gandhi, Ramachandra Guha, explains why Gandhi's environmental legacy and faith politics still matter for contemporary India.

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Each week one guest presents an idea to enhance the world. This week it's the turn of epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani.


Regarding the 60 second idea, it seems marred by prejudiced thinking. I hope you know somebody who uses upfront information, gained by say a last or a first name, to noble ends. This one sided suggestion has nothing in it for those who take pride in knowing people and use the upfront information to better serve, design pleasant surprises etc.

Living forever: it's a pop-trendy topic in which proponents always discuss the lure and never the consequences. Consider the effect, much like a life sentence in prison - sleep never brings relief, only more of the same, forever. And ever.Irving Canfield, Oregan

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