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The Forum
2 Nov
Fareed Zakaria, James Flynn, A C Grayling


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A conceptual meeting point for this week's three ideas, by Emily Kasriel
The Forum, the BBC World Service programme which boldly crosses boundaries: scientific, creative and geographic, presented by Bridget Kendall.

Meet the guests

Respected American commentator Fareed Zakaria explains in his latest book The Post American World how the US is not in decline, the rest of the world is rising.

New Zealand psychology expert James Flynn tells us how the modern world has changed the way we use our minds in his book What Is Intelligence?

British philosophy professor A C Grayling explores the psychology of trust and how it should be the glue that bonds institutions as much as individuals.

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Each week one guest presents an idea to enhance the world. This week it's the turn of A C Grayling.


Your USA guest was speaking about teaching people to think more analytically, for want of a more apt expression, in the 21st century. I have a hint for him: the Jesuits have been teaching independent thought for centuries! I know for they educated me.
CJ McAuley, Canada

Discussion on intelligence not bad. On the nature/nurture element quite good. The ability to anticipate the previously unexperienced should have been mentioned as well as about seven different types of intelligence. Points on morality well made, role of the UK to set financial standard a good one.
James, Milton Keynes

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