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Bangladesh River Journey
Woman into the water pulling a floating raft, with vases and a girl

Bangladesh River Journey, charting the course of climate change

The BBC chartered a boat to tour the major rivers of Bangladesh for one month and explore the impact of climate change on the country and its people.

Nodipathey Bangladesh or "Bangladesh by the river" launched from Dhaka on Sunday 28 October 2007 with a team of BBC radio, tv and on-line journalists.

Travelling up to 200 miles along the Padma, Meghna and Jamuna rivers, they are capturing the voices of people coping with flooding and the effects of climate change across Bangladesh.

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Audio reports from the journey:

Ben Sutherland in Bangladesh
BBC Radio Scotland: Experience on the MV Aboshar
Ben Sutherland explains about the challanges Bangladesh faces due to climate change, and also his work reporting online for the River Journey project. First broadcast: 03 November 2007; Dur. 6 min

Noural Islam, former businessman and advisor, interviewed by the BBC World Service in Bhola, Bangladesh, during the Taking the Temperature season
Over To You: Behind the scenes of Taking The Temperature
We hear from the MV Aboshar about life on board the ship, the thinking that led to the trip, and a listener who didn't agree with the season. First broadcast: 10 November 2007; Dur. 17 min

Claudia Hammond with Runa Khan of charity Friendship
Health Check: Bangladesh
Claudia Hammond journeys the rivers of the Ganges and Bramaputra Delta in Bangladesh to look at the state of the country's health. First broadcast: 26 Nov 2007; Dur. 26 min

Siobhann Tighe and other people on board the MV Aboshar boat
Outlook: Goodbye from Bangladesh
In the last of her reports from the MV Aboshar, Siobhann Tighe compares the challenges of climate change in Bangladesh and Chad. First broadcast: 9 November 2007; Dur. 17 min

Satellite representation of the 1970 Bhola cyclone
Outlook: Memories of the cyclone
In 1970, a tropical cyclone devastated the city of Bhola, southern Bangladesh. Now, its population fears the risk of more natural catastrophes. First broadcast: 8 November 2007; Dur. 11 min

Dr Atiq Rahman
The World Today: Deep in the Sundarbands
Mark Dummett explores a giant mangrove forest in Southern Bangladesh, and talks to Dr Atiq Rahman, leading environment and development specialist. First broadcast: 7 Nov 2007; Dur. 13 min

Boy covers his head with a plastic bag
Outlook: Ban on Plastic bags
Bangladesh has imposed a local ban on thin plastic bags, a major source of pollution. Is it having any effect? First broadcast: 7 November 2007; Dur. 12 min

Bengali elder interviewed by the BBC
The World Today: Bangladesh coastal regions in danger
If predictions of climate scientists are correct, coastal regions of Bangladesh are going to be facing huge challenges. Mark Dummett reports. First broadcast: 6 November 2007; Dur. 2'40"

Bengali fishermen
Outlook: Fishermen without fish
Siobhann Tighe reports from the world's largest mangrove forest, where local fishermen spend six months without work - every year. First broadcast: 6 November 2007; Dur. 11 min Outlook website

Children on the shore
Outlook: River Erosion in Bangladesh
Siobhann Tighe reports from Ilisha Ghat, an area vulnerable to river erosion and from rising sea levels. What it is like to live under threat from flooding? First broadcast: 5 November 2007; Dur. 16 min

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