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Climate Change: Taking the Temperature
Composite image: a man with an umbrella crossing the street and another man and a dog over overdry soil

Sun over the horizon
One Planet: Too Hot to Crop - North West Bangladesh
Sue Broom reports from a drought prone area where innovative projects are helping the farmers to adapt and hold onto their incomes. First broadcast: 15 November 2007; Dur. 27 min

Chimney and tree leaves
One Planet: Too Hot to Crop - American Mid-West
Sue Broom investigates whether Climate Change is good or bad news when it comes to feeding the world. What would happen with more greenhouse gases? First broadcast: 8 Nov 2007; Dur. 27 min

Representation of the Earth
Science in Action: Climate Change - what next for scientists?
Sir David King, UK's Science advisor for the Government and Dr David Reay of Edinburgh University debate the possibilities. First broadcast: 9 November 2007; Dur. 7 min

Satellite image of Lake Chad in 1987 - Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World/PA Wire
Focus on Africa: Lake Chad evaporating
Lake Chad, once one of Africa's biggest lakes, is now under threat of extinction as a result of climate change. First broadcast: 8 November 2007; Dur. 2'30"

Dr Atiq Rahman
The World Today: Deep in the Sundarbands
Mark Dummett explores a giant mangrove forest in Southern Bangladesh, and talks to Dr Atiq Rahman, leading environment and development specialist. First broadcast: 7 Nov 2007; Dur. 13 min

Melting ice
One Planet: 'Climate Porn'
Richard Hollingham asks if apocalyptic messages on climate change make people feel there is no point trying to be more eco-friendly. First broadcast: 4 October 2007; Dur. 27 min

Antarctica Paulet Island with Adelie penguins
Outlook: The Ferocious Summer, Adélie penguins in Antarctica
Historian and writer Meredith Hooper describes the summer season she spent in Antarctica in 2001/2, studying Adélie penguins. First broadcast: 4 September 2007; Dur. 9 min

The World Today: Postcards from the Edge
Ten experts predict the impact of climate change in 2050. How politics, energy, transport and conflict may adapt over the next four decades to manage these changes.
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The World Today: Fletch's Footprints
James Fletcher becomes the "carbon conquistador" and finds out the amount of carbon emissions he is directly responsible for.

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People standing on ice
The World Today: Greenland
Doreen Walton reports from South West Greenland on the impact global warming is having on people living there.

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