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Climate Change: Taking the Temperature
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Browse through these pages for a selection of radio programmes and events in which the BBC World Service assesses a year of climate change campaigns, summits and reports.

We ask what has changed, what will change and how people's lives are being affected as a result.


Fisherman in Bali, Indonesia
Climate Change Talks
Delegates from nearly 190 countries met for two weeks in Bali, Indonesia.
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MV Aboshar ship
Bangladesh River Journey
Follow the BBC's voyage through Bangladesh, looking at how a heating planet is changing people's lives.
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Sun over the horizon
One Planet: Too Hot to Crop - North West Bangladesh
Sue Broom reports from a drought prone area where innovative projects are helping the farmers to adapt and hold onto their incomes. First broadcast: 15 November 2007; Dur. 27 min


Claudia Hammond with Runa Khan of charity Friendship
Health Check: Bangladesh
Claudia Hammond journeys the rivers of the Ganges and Bramaputra Delta in Bangladesh to look at the state of the country's health. First broadcast: 26 Nov 2007; Dur. 26 min

Politics & Business

Business Daily: Government initiatives to fight climate change
Governments may be loud in their commitment to fighting climate change, but do some of their initiatives stand up? We investigate one of them in the UK. First broadcast: 30 Nov 2007; Dur. 17 min

Solutions & Energy

Eden Project, in Cornwall, UK
Close Up: How Climate Changes Culture - Cities of the Future
Philip Dodd investigates how we are making the cities of the future more sustainable, and talks to the architects, designers and engineers working on it. First broadcast: 16 Nov 2007; Dur. 26 min

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Planet Earth seen from the Moon
BBC Climate Change Poll: Most ready for 'green sacrifices'
A global BBC poll suggests that people are prepared to make tough lifestyle changes to combat global warming.
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