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Runners Up


The ten runners-up will also be broadcast in February and March 2006 in Off the Shelf.

The ten runners-up:

• Child at Play by Manini Nayar (Pennsylvania, USA)
• A Cold Spell by Diana Duncan (Hong Kong)
• Dragon Boy by Abigail Youngman (Brussels, Belgium)
• Life in a Morgue by Stanley Makuwe (Auckland, New Zealand)
• Makeover by Anitha Murthy (Bangalore, India)
• Marina Beach by Maithreyi Nandakumar (Bristol, UK)
• My Auntie Mama Maia by Rolstan Adams (Grenada)
• One Night in Bangkok by Tracey Martin (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
• A Slice of Chilli by Penny Feeny (Liverpool, UK)
• Vassil by Zdravka Evtimova (Pernik, Bulgaria)

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