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Key Players in Development: Part 1
The Millennium Project

The Millennium Project


At a glance


The Millennium Project is the independent advisory body to the United Nations Secretary-General that is commissioned with recommending, by June 2005, operational strategies for meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

Role and function


As a UN sponsored initiative, the Millennium Project falls under the overall guidance of the UN Secretary-General and the chair of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Ten Task Forces carry out the bulk of the Millennium Project’s analytical work and are composed of 15-20 members who are all global leaders in their area and selected on the basis of their technical expertise and practical experience.

They comprise representatives from academia, the public and private sectors, civil society organisations and UN agencies.

Their work focuses on identifying policy priorities and how best to implement and finance them, all with the ultimate objective of devising a recommended plan of implementation that will allow all developing countries to meet the MDGs by 2015.

What The Millennium Project says about the MDGs


“While many of the world’s poor countries have seen tremendous success in poverty reduction over the past decades, and are on track to achieve the MDGs, many others are lagging badly. For those countries, success in meeting the MDGs would mark a dramatic turnaround from current trends, and would constitute an achievement of unprecedented proportions”.

“Political commitment has been expressed over many years but there has been little action. We propose that political will is the binding constraint”.

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