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75 Years


Historic moments from the 1960s


1960 - US presidential candidates Nixon and Kennedy use the media

Nixon and Kennedy
When the two presidential candidates agreed to hold a series of live debates to be broadcast across the US, John F Kennedy looked tanned and relaxed, while Nixon - who'd refused to wear any makeup - looked pale and shifty in comparison. JFK won the election.

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1961 - Broadcasting enables a taboo to be broken

Adlof Eichmann
The trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the organisers of the Nazis' Final solution, was broadcast daily in Israel. The event is credited with breaking the taboo about the Holocaust in Israeli society - allowing survivors to talk openly about their experiences.

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1962 - A Telstar is born

Telstar satellite
The launch of the communications satellite Telstar meant that it was now possible to send live TV across the Atlantic. It was initially restricted to national networks using them for big set piece events.

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1963 - Eyewitness voices convey the death of a president

John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy's assassination was not recorded by either TV cameras or radio reporters. But it was preserved forever in amateur film footage such as the Zapruder film. And in the accounts of eyewitnesses.

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1964 - Beatlemania

The Beatles
Four young men from Liverpool took the United States by storm. On the night they appeared on the Ed Sullivan TV show there was a massive drop in the crime rate as 40% of Americans sat down to watch. Beatlemania had broken out on both sides of the Atlantic.

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1965 - Seeing treatment of protesters galvanises the civil rights movement

Martin Luther King
When footage of unarmed, peaceful, black-Americans being beaten and trampled by white mounted policemen in Selma, Alabama was shown civil rights activists like Martin Luther King gathered in the small Southern town.

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1966 - The Cultural revolution

Chinese communists marching with their little red books
After 17 years in power Chairman Mao needed to reassert his control of the communist party, so he launched the Cultural Revolution against anyone who'd ever opposed him. Waving their little red books, fervent young Red Guards were eager to carry out his orders.

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1967 - Death of Che Guevara

Che Guevara
Che Guevara's death had been reported several times throughout the 1960s. So in 1967 when it was reported again, how was the world to know it was true? British journalist Richard Gott was one of the first to see Guevara's body.

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1968 - Revolutionary spirit of the age

Paris demonstrations
The spirit of revolution swept the world in 1968. From the democratic reforms in communist Czechoslovakia to the massive anti-war demonstrations in London and Washington to students protesting on the streets of Paris.

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1969 - A great step for mankind

Neil Armstrong on the moon
Neil Armstrong was the first human being to set foot on the moon. Nothing else that followed in the space race: space walks, space stations or the shuttle has ever matched the awe and amazement it inspired.

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