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The Aids Crisis
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Aids Treatment


In the developing world drugs to treat HIV/Aids are a scare resource; medications are not always available and their cost can be prohibitive. Vaccination is a long term aim for treating the condition, and though they are getting close, after 60 attempts, scientists haven't yet found an effective one.

These physical aspects of treating Aids are not the only issues to be tackled: stigma and changing sexual habits can seem insurmountable for education workers.

Even going to get tested can be a problem. Aids testing centres are frequently in public places and so in a society where stigma is an issue, it becomes difficult for people to visit.

Changing habits can be hard even where knowledge about the disease is high, as is the case in South Africa. In the radio drama Story, Story, characters play out all possible scenarios for HIV/Aids infection, but the audience is left to make up its own mind.

After being exposed to all this knowledge, what extent are people taking charge of their own destinies?

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