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Millennium Development Goals
Goal 4: child health
Goal 4: child mortality

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality


Target 5:

Reduce by two-thirds, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate.

Case Study: Huaraz, Peru

Carlos-Jesus and his family are part of Young Lives, a international study looking at child poverty. As part of a series looking at the Millennium Development Goals in Peru, a BBC producer from the Spanish service, interviewed Carlos Jesus.

In Peru the under-five mortality rate is 39 per 1,000 live births.

The infant mortality rate is 30 per 1,000 live births and 59% of births are attended by skilled health personnel.

(UNDP Human Development Report 2003)

"I am eight years old and I live in Huaraz. When I grow up I want to study medicine, to be able to make children and other sick people better.

I'd like this cough to get better, not to have this cough.

I asked my mum why she thinks I want to be a doctor, and she said it was probably because a paediatrician saved my life. I was born prematurely and only weighed 1 Kg 200 grams.

I have five brothers and sisters.

Jenny is very studious, she goes to school very early in the morning, and never gets any bad marks. Mili is always protesting about something. Eder is a sleepyhead, she had toothache and they took the tooth out - it was really hurting her. Milagritos is naughty, she pinches things.

My school is really nice, we have swings and football pitches.

My favourite subject is maths and I’m doing well.

I asked my mum, 'mum what would you like?'

She replied, 'That you grow up to have a profession.'

'Are you proud of me?'
'Very much so'

'Do you love me?'
'I'll love you forever.'

'Until you die?'
'Until I die and even beyond'

Carlos Jesus
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