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May to Jun 2008
The Roman lawyer Cicero saw that witnesses to murder needed protection , otherwise villains might go free. But is the rise of gangland crime and terrorism creating problems for justice in Britain? A bad year at the top for Gordon Brown: could a touch of Cicero's gift for oratory help him out? Do the French have the answer to Britain's airport problems? And why print is back in fashion on the waterfront between culture and politics. All that in Politics UK

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 28th June 2008

Are British politicians too optimistic about progress in Aghanistan? The army is winning battles against the Taliban, but establishing a functioning democracy seems a long way off. And is the Government ignoring the military covenant and failing the soldiers injured in those battles? And what of liberty? George Bush and Gordon Brown assert the importance of spreading freedom round the world, but how difficult is that after Iraq? But do the Americans have a way with crime and punishment that could work to empty British jails? Find out in Politics UK.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 21st June 2008

The Prime Minister avoids defeat in Parliament over his plans to lock up suspected terrorists for forty-two days, but at what price? His opponents say that British freedoms are being sacrificed for security and that Britain may not be any safer. That other battle ground in the fight against terrorism, Aghanistan, has claimed more soldiers lives, but is the work of nation-building going to plan, or is the trouble that there is no plan? And dealing with tyrants. Is it best to leave well alone and wait for time to do its work? Find out in Politics UK.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 14th June 2008

Is the country of Habeas Corpus about to agree to lock people up without charge for forty-two days? But do the times and terrorism require strong measures? Liberty versus security is the issue for Britain's politicians. Parliament has accepted Europe's new Treaty, so why is a wealthy businessman taking the Government to court? But if the British can't have a referendum on the Treaty, the people of Ireland can and what if they say no? And locking the stable door after the horse has fled: has the Government only got itself to blame for Britain's binge drinkers? Find out in Politics UK.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 7th June 2008

Just as politicians were starting to embrace the green agenda, along comes a credit crunch and a huge hike in world oil prices. So is that a no to green taxes? In fact is that a no to any more taxes? Why Labour politicians are now turning to tax cuts and a smaller role for the state. And why Margaret Thatcher was not for turning, and Gordon Brown is. Find out the history of the U-turn in Politics UK.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 31st May 2008
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