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Jul to Sep 2008

When the going gets tough, Gordon Brown tells his party, he's the man for the job. And in the end, his critics have given him the benefit of their indecision. But for how long, or could it be that delay will cost Labour the next election? Capitalism in crisis and the left returns with cries of "I told you so." Could the Blair years end with the return of the old left? And, going for broke, how to borrow your way out of a crisis. Presented by Norman Smith.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 27th September 2008

The week which saw in effect a modern-day run on the banking system, panic in the markets and thousands of job losses in Britain and the United States, may, in a curious way, have saved the Prime Minister's bacon...for the time being. Those in his party, who've been plotting to get rid of him, may decide this weekend, as they meet for their conference in Manchester, that now may not be a good time to change Prime Minister. Presented by Norman Smith.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 20th September 2008

A wet summer, and the economic downturn have created a mood of gloom in Britain, and an uneasy sense for the Government that everything is going wrong. And since this country is about to become the most populated place in Europe next year, some politicians think its time to shut the immigration door. To cap it all, memories of the winter of discontent thirty years ago have returned to haunt the Labour party as the trade unions threaten a season of strikes. But a new book suggests that if the old Britain is lost, the new one may be more interesting. Presented by Susan Hulme.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 13th September 2008

A big political set back for Labour at the polls. Is the Prime Minister to blame? And will his party want a new leader? Barack Obama's foreign travels give world leaders a chance to size up the Democratic contender for the White House. What difference would he make to America's relationship with her friends and her enemies, and to the special relationship with the UK? Mayor Boris off the leash, but is the new Mayor of London enjoying running one of the world's largest cities? And how a glass of Calvados helped an English Mayor to run one of France's smallest villages. Presented by Laura Trevelyan.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 26th July 2008

Is Britain badly governed? Are our politicians too wet behind the ears to know how to run anything? But was it really better in the old days? Perhaps the way to revive the body politic is to take a lesson in local accountability from the Swiss? And, on being wonderful: how history and old age are celebrated on Politics UK. Presented by Susan Hulme.

Politics UK first broadcast on the 19th July 2008

Knife crime is a growing problem on Britain's streets, especially among teenagers. What can Government do? Would more policing help, or is the answer closer to home? And is it any surprise that bored and idle teenagers get up to no good, when school's out and there's nothing to do? Why has Russia got it in for Britain? Is there a special reason for the icy atmosphere between Moscow and London? And why tightening their belts might be good for the me generation. Presented by Norman Smith.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 12th July 2008

Gordon Brown makes an uncertain figure on the world stage, unlike his predecessor. Does it all boil down to money? Sacred cows: why is Britain's health service behind the times? Are the Trade Unions making a come back in British politics? But do the Labour Party's chief paymasters have the power they once had to switch the lights off and bring Governments down? And energy supply still makes Britain vulnerable, so what is the alternative and will politicians be brave enough to change? Presented by Norman Smith.

 Polics UK first broadcast on the 5th July 2008

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