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Legend has it that F Scott Fitzgerald once told his friend and fellow author, Ernest Hemingway, "the rich are different from you and me" only for Hemingway to reply, "yes, they have more money".
Some things don't change - the rich still have more money than the rest of us. Only now they're the super rich. And instead of keeping hold of their money , a new generation of self made entrepreneurs has started to use their wealth for philanthropic purposes: Presented by Sean Curran.

 Poiltics UK first broadcast on the 17th May 2008

Anti-social behaviour and family breakdown are big problems in Britain, and British politicians are increasingly looking at the way America is tackling these issues. Politics UK travelled to Denver in Colorado to look at the early intervention programmes pioneered there in the wake of the Columbine High School Massacred in 1999. Some of their ideas for intervening early to help young mothers and children are already being copied here in Britain where they are beginning to show results. Norman Smith reports

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 26th April 2008

Britain's politicians and pundits are still coming to terms with the enormous public fury sparked by the Archbishop of Canterbury's statement that it was 'probably unavoidable' that room should be made for Islamic Law..or Sharia?in Britain's legal system. In this edition of Politics UK, we'll be examining the various twists and turns this continuing debate is taking. Presented by Dennis Sewell

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 16th February 2008

Modern British politicians - like guests at polite dinner parties - don't talk about religion. When Tony Blair's press secretary declared "we don't do God" he reflected a widespread view at Westminster that no good can ever come of mixing religion and politics. But Stephen Timms, himself a minister in the current Government, believes religious faith can be the starting point for a political life. Sean Curran spent the day with him in his East London constitutency, one of the most multi-cultural and multi-faith areas of Britain.

Politics UK first broadcast on the 2nd February 2008

Not far from the Houses of Parliament and overlooking the gardens of Buckingham Palace stands an elegant 18th century town house. For the past six years it's been home to one of the most influential diplomats in London. An ambassador who has played a part in some of the most dramatic moments in modern British politics and history. Last week he took up a new posting in Geneva but before leaving London he spoke exclusively to Politics UK:

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 28th July 2007

America tackled welfare reform back in the days of the Clinton administration. But in Britain politicians have failed in their various attempts. Politics UK travelled to Milwaukee in the State of Wisconsin to see how they managed, and began by attending a marriage class. Norman Smith reports.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 24th March 2007

For most politicians Christmas is a time when normal political hostilities are suspended. A truce is declared and the usual argy bargy and venom is - at least for a few days put to one side. It's a chance for ministers and MPs to relax and spend time with family and friends. And yet for one group of people - sent abroad by those self same politicians - Christmas is as dangerous and difficult time as any other day. These are the more than ten thousand British soldiers who this year find themselves in war zones in far flung parts of the world.
For some there will be an opportunity to phone home - but for most they will have to find comfort elsewhere. And for many, that comfort will be found in the company of a good book.
And so in this special edition of the programme - we'll be examining the books soldiers take to war; the support and solace literature can provide; and the sort of books men and women in different conflicts have turned to. Presented by Norman Smith.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 22nd December 2007

Windsor Castle has been a Royal home for over 900 years, and the present Queen goes there every weekend. In the castle grounds is another institution, which the Queen's husband, Prince Philip helped to found. St George's House is host to leading figures from the world of business, politics, education, science and the Church who've been coming there for the last half century to discuss questions of ethics, society and leadership. Sean Curran looks at the work which goes on there, and also in the programme, there is an interview with Prince Philip about what he hoped St Geroge's House would achieve.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 23rd December 2006

This is the week when the city of London comes to Westminster. The city of London is a kind of city within a city. It occupies a square mile geographically, within the capital, but it is preeminently the place where Britain's economic prosperity is generated. So when the man in charge of Britain's economic policy makes a statement to the House of Commons, as he did this week, about the state of the economy, something he does twice a year, the city has a big stake in what he has to say. Which is why the studios and open spaces around Parliament have been filled with business and financial gurus giving their verdict on how good a job Gordon Brown is doing.

 Politics UK first broadcast on the 10th December 2006
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