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The Last Wildlife
Bears in Romania

The Last Widlife


The Romanian Carpathian Mountains are the last place in Europe, outside Russia, where large numbers of wild predatory animals coexist with high numbers of people.

Bears are nightly visitors to the towns and villages lying in the Carpathian foothills. Brasov, a city the size of Bristol, is one of them: every night the bears come out of the woods to picnic at the rubbish bins in a district of blocks of flats on the edge of the forest.

They are just a taste of the thriving wildlife of the Romanian Carpathians, a vast area of 39,000 square miles and one of the last intact corners of nature in Europe.

The Transylvanian virgin forests shelter hundreds of species of plants, trees, insects, birds and animals.

The shepherds that spend seven months per year on the green pastures of the Carpathian summits train their dogs to fight the beasts if necessary. And villagers are used to losing the odd pet or domesticated herbivore to wolves and bears.

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Romania's bears at bay

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