How the internet changed my life

Last updated: 19 march, 2010 - 12:47 GMT

How the internet changed my life

      • Media blogger Danny Schechter on the internet and mass media

        WatchDuration: 02:32

      • Chief Almir Surui talks about how the internet has empowered the Surui people

        WatchDuration: 03:01

      • Civil Engineer Ali Naji cannot imagine his life in Jordan without the net

        WatchDuration: 02:38

      • Entrepreneur Lauren Luke on how she rose to fame online

        WatchDuration: 03:09

      • Funny man Andy Zaltzman disusses how the internet has changed the way he works

        WatchDuration: 02:45

      • Student Michael talks about how the net is vital for his study

        WatchDuration: 02:04

      • Geophysicist James Foster talks about collecting data

        WatchDuration: 01:40

      • Internet cafe owner Cosmas Mutwiwa disusses how the internet has changed his life

        WatchDuration: 02:35

      • BBC journalist Vlad Georgescu discusses keeping in touch with his family in Romania

        WatchDuration: 02:56

      • Wu Gui Hua discusses how the internet has changed her life

        WatchDuration: 01:52

      • Blogger Hisham Khribchi discusses the importance of connections

        WatchDuration: 03:01

      • Journalist Thomas Voelkner considers how much personal information we put on the net

        WatchDuration: 02:32

      • Employees of the British Antarctic Survey discuss how they use the internet

        WatchDuration: 02:49

      • Paul Smernicki discusses the internet's different effects on the music industry

        WatchDuration: 03:07

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