SuperPower: The Extraordinary Power Of The Internet

Last updated: 27 november, 2010 - 14:53 GMT
  • Superpower nation
    Superpower nation

    Find out what the world is talking about in a unique multilingual interactive programme

  • Digital giants
    Digital giants

    Key players give personal accounts of the internet's role in changing the world and society.

  • Blogworld

    Bringing you the lives, stories and news from the best bloggers around the world.

  • On/Off

    The BBC puts a remote Nigerian community online, while families in South Korea go a week without the net.

  • Virtual revolution
    Virtual revolution

    Presenter Dr Aleks Krotoski explores how 20 years of the web has reshaped our lives.

  • The power of the web

    How disabled people from around the world share their experiences and become empowered by the web.

  • MyWorld

    Make a short film about life from your perspective.

  • More Superpower stories

    Make a short film about life from your perspective.

  • Highlights

  • SuperPower on BBC World Service
  • SuperPower on BBC World News

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