Aftershock: The global financial crisis

Last updated: 12 november, 2009 - 10:09 GMT

It is estimated that tax cheats have amassed up to $11 trillion in bank accounts around the world. The G20 is meeting in Pittsburgh to discuss how to tackle the problem, but can they really stop the wealthy evaders?


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  • Find out what the BBC's Aftershock series is all about.

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As the world tentatively accepts the worst of the financial crisis is over, we would like you to tell us what next year will mean to you - using only three words.

Why is it we spend money differently when we have a single $100 dollar note in our pocket, rather than five $20 bills?

What were the key moments that led to financial meltdown? The first of a three-part series that looks closely at the turbulent events in the autumn of 2008.

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    • How well has the financial crisis been handled?

    • Drama charting the collapse of one of the world's oldest investment banks.

    • What role did the business schools play in last year's financial crisis?

    • A special report from LA, where former gang members are now looking for jobs.

    • Peter Day finds out if now is a good time to start a bank.

    • What does it take to make bankers change their ways?

    • What developing nations are doing to help the poorest in the downturn.

    • A former Lehman employee explains why the collapse could have been prevented.

    • Programmes coming soon to the BBC World Service.

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