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Last updated: 16 september, 2009 - 12:42 GMT

Connected Africa

Live updates as the new high-speed internet cable puts Africa into the broadband world.

18:04 Exchange views with people around the world on today's topic for click World Have Your Say: Will high-speed internet really change Africa?

17:20 On the click Africa Have Your Say message board, Willie from Minnesota says, "The internet will expose Africans to updated information and remove the veil of ignorance imposed by many centuries of cultural superstition."

16:50 BBC African Service editor Joseph Warungu says the new fibre optic cable will bring about a revolution. Listen to Joseph's thoughts click here.

16:21 See click photos from the World Have Your Say team in Rwanda.

16:09 "I keep hearing that the US shouldn't fund space exploration because people are starving around the world. If people are starving in Africa, why are they worried about high speed internet connections?" Steve, USA

16:00 Will high-speed internet really change Africa? Give your views on the click World Have Your Say blog.

15:08 Rwanda puts its hopes on information technology to power their economy in the future. Listen to Madeleine Morris's report from the Rwandan capital Kigali click here.

15:00 Today click Focus on Africa comes from Nairobi where Ruth Nesoba asks whether broadband internet can make Kenya the new India of the call centre business.

14:39 Solomon Mugera, head of the BBC Swahili Service, says the arrival of high speed internet broadband will not be enough - by itself - to bring about a transformation. Listen to Solomon's views click here.

14:35 On click Newshour the discussion is about how broadband internet can drive development in Africa.

14:11 BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones is in Mombassa where the Seacom cable lands. He encountered excitement as well as cynicism. Listen to Rory's report click here.

13:41 Welcome to BBC World Service live coverage from Africa, where a new high-speed undersea cable connecting East Africa with the rest of the world is poised to go live.

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