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1/09/2009 - Digital Planet

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On this week's Digital Planet

Running out of cyberspace

Simon Morton, from Radio New Zealand, talks to 'father of the internet' Vint Cerf. In his initial internet 'experiment' Vint created enough space for 4.3billion devices to connect to the net. But it turns out that wasn't enough.

He's now working on an 'internet protocol' called IPV6 - which will increase the internet's capacity to 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses.

Mobile stroke solution

Husband and wife team Kevin and Sarah Brown talk about their joint project to help stroke patients communicate more effectively using a simple tech solution.

Internet dating in Africa & India

Gareth discusses international internet dating protocol with Simdul Shagaya, founder of in Nigeria and Guarav Rakshit, from India.

Does being able to choose the caste or tribe of you potential partner online increase segregation and racial tension?

Or is it just a reflection of real life relationships?

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