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Parenting: Smoking and childhood illnesses

Smoking: The Risks


Women's Health: Smoking

Medicine Through Time

Lighting up on No Smoking Day

Genetic roots of nicotine addiction

WHO seeks tobacco-free sports

Nicotine therapy for young smokers

Smoking triples skin cancer risk

Europe addicted to smoking


World Health Organisation (WHO) - Tobacco Free Initiative

WHO Tobacco. Health statistics

Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. To be ratified by 2003

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). Litigation documents

Tobacco BBS. Anti-tobacco website

Philip Morris

Tobacco Control Resource Centre

Tobacco Free Kids. Influential campaigning group

Cancer Research UK

I Quit Online. Website for teenagers

Smokescreen. Documents on the tobacco controversy

Tobacco Control Archives. Documentation

Tobacco Documents On-Line

WHO tobacco fact sheet

International Tobacco Growers' Association

FOREST. Promotes equal rights for smokers

Gallaher Group plc. Makers of Benson and Hedges & Silk Cut

Imperial Tobacco. Makers of Embassy, Lambert and Butler & John Players

MBendi. Tobacco products from Africa

Smoking causes. Pro-tobacco guide

Smoking from all sides. Pro-tobacco site

Star Scientific. Health aware tobacco company

Tobacco Growers Association of Brazil

HistoryNet. The History of Tobacco

Tobacco Free Initiative. Litigation and Public Enquiries

Tobacco Archives

American Cancer Society (ACS)

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Health Canada. Regulation, Legislation and Compliance

Chest, Heart and Stroke Association. Northern Ireland

National Tobacco Information Online System (Nations)

Smokers Lounge. Tobacco litigation
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