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The World Today
 South Asia team
George Arney  
George Arney
George Arney has been broadcasting to South Asia - and reporting from it - for most of his working life. After studying Indian history and politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and then spending a year travelling around India, he joined the BBC in 1982 as a commentator on South Asian affairs, covering such momentous events as Operation Bluestar and the assassination of Indira Gandhi. His first foreign posting was to Pakistan in 1986, from where he reported on the Soviet pullout from Afghanistan and the mysterious death of General Ziaul Haq. An interlude away from the BBC followed, during which he lived in a remote village in north-east Thailand, working as a farmer, hotelier and freelance journalist. In 1994, he was posted as BBC correspondent in Sri Lanka in 1994, where he reported on on elections, assassinations, peace talks and invasions, while narrowly escaping death in a rebel ambush in Colombo. He has been presenting the World Today since its launch, as well as travelling all over the world for BBC Radio 4. He’s married to the BBC Arts correspondent Razia Iqbal, and has three children.
Ritula Shah  
Ritula Shah
Ritula joined the World Today at its launch in January 1999. As well as the World Today for South Asia, she also regularly presents the Europe and East Asia editions of the programme. Before arriving at the World Service, she worked for Today, the leading domestic news and current affairs programme. She began as a researcher in 1991 and was then appointed Senior Producer, a role which includes editing and planning the programme. Today's agenda includes foreign and domestic news and is known for its tough interviews and diverse coverage of issues ranging from politics to the environment. Ritula joined the BBC after graduating from Warwick University in 1988. After a short spell as a researcher for Radio 4 Features in Birmingham, she moved on to become a Midlands Production Trainee, during which time she regularly reported for You and Yours, Woman's Hour, and Farming Today. Ritula is married with two children.
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