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The World Today
 Europe team
Max Pearson  
Max Pearson
Born in 1959, Max has developed a wealth of experience in all areas of journalism and broadcasting during a career lasting two decades. Trained by the BBC straight after university, he has been broadcasting ever since, working on many of the BBC's flagship programmes. He has also travelled extensively, reporting from the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, the Far East and South America, and he covered the major events in Europe - the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of Communism and German unification. In recent years, Max has concentrated on first launching and then regularly hosting The World Today, including hosting the show live from different parts of the globe as world events dictate. In 1997 Max won the SONY Radio Gold Award for News Presentation. Max is married with two sons.
Julian Keane  
Julian Keane
He was born in Britain, but France claimed him as its own,
A dual national, he's always had more than just one home.
His school was by the Thames, University on the river Seine,
Slowly but surely he got a taste for the media game.
But then it was back across the Channel, or as he likes to call it, "la Manche"
Hello and welcome back said London - Au revoir said la France.
A voice in his ear said : "if it's a career you need
I know of just the place : Bush House, the global voice of the Beeb."
From year one to year eight, in the French service he plied his trade,
Until the time came to migrate, there were choices to be made.
So he found a new nest - Europe Today was his choice.
But when the Newshour siren whistled - he was quick to hears its voice.
Since then he's moved on again- the World today is where he's at
Presenting the morning show - contented as a cat.
And I mustn't forget to mention a few other points on his CV:
He's reported in London for French radio, and smiled a bit on TV.
I'm also reliably informed, on rhyme and verse he's quite keen.
Probably the best poet The World Today has ever seen......
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