George Arney

Towards the end of 2001, shortly after the events of September 11, George Arney was wrapping up a live broadcast from a busy market square in Quetta, Baluchistan when a middle-aged man came tearing along the street on a bicycle.

"Are you from the World Today?" he puffed.

"I've just been listening to you, and I've got a few points I'd like to make."

It is moments like that-where there's an immediate connection with the audience- that give George his biggest thrill.

He's been broadcasting on the BBC World Service for 20 years now, including 5 years as a correspondent in South Asia, and is fully aware of the growing reach of television.

But George firmly believes that radio still reigns supreme in delivering full, intelligent and well-considered news.

George has been presenting the World Today since it first took to the airwaves.

He also covers foreign stories for BBC’s Radio 4 and in the past two years he's reported from, amongst other places, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, Bosnia, Israel, Ireland and India.

He is still waiting in hope for that urgent assignment in the Caribbean.