17 December, 2007 - Published 02:27 GMT

Global News Podcast

Monday December 17th

In this edition :

Turkey says the United States opened up Iraqi airspace to Turkish war planes, giving tacit approval to air attacks against PKK fighters in northern Iraq. We hear from a Turkish expert.

The deputy leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahri, has said the British handover of security in southern Iraq shows that insurgents are gaining strength. The British pull-out in Basra - good timing or good riddance?

A Palestinian donor conference gets underway in Paris, but does the worsening economic crisis in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip threaten to undermine all of the hopes of peace?

Searching for life on other planets. What happens if they are not friendly?

A tug of war for the leadership at the ANC convention in South Africa. Who will win and will it divide the party?

Freedom of speech in Cuba. How is the government coping with a growing internet?

And the Christmas card that finally arrived after 93 years.

Global News Podcast