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Last updated: 18 June, 2007 - Published 16:04 GMT
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Ben's Britain - a lifetime under Tony Blair

This week the British Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down after ten years in the job, to be replaced by his long time rival, Gordon Brown.

The newspapers and the airwaves are already full of seasoned commentators assessing Blair's tenure and predicting what Brown might do.

Ben with Mrs. Witham.
Ben with Mrs Witham.

So the World Today has decided to look elsewhere for the analysis ... to Ben.

Ben was born the same time Blair became Prime Minister and he'll be bringing his ten years of experience to help make sense of Mr Blair's premiership.

We sent him to find out what a decade of life under Tony Blair has meant for people.

Ben's reports will be broadcast daily all this week and the audio will be uploaded daily to this site, but here's a flavour of what you can expect.


We start with our 10-year-old talking to the head teacher at his London School.


Ben with Dr Andrew Robins
Ben interviews Dr Andrew Robins.

For the second of our reports, our 10-year-old takes the temperature of the National Health Service (NHS).

Health has been one of the main focus’ of government policy in the past decade with very big rises in funding for the NHS.


Immigration was a hot topic in Britain throughout Tony Blair’s Premiership, and increasingly, there have been questions about whether “multi-culturalism” works - especially since the attacks of July the seventh 2005.

Ben and Idriss.
Ben and Idriss.

Since then there’s been more and more discussion of what it means to be British. Ben, who was born in May 1997, the month Mr Blair took office, talked to another London-born 10-year-old who’s parents fled Somalia in the early 1990s.


Amongst Tony Blair's legacies for his successor are the British troops he committed to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - not the only conflicts Mr Blair sent troops to during his 10 years in office.

Ben with Colonel Matthews
Ben talks to Colonel Robin Matthews.

Britain took part in the international operations in Kosovo and in peacekeeping in Sierra Leone, it also had soldiers in Bosnia and in Northern Ireland throughout.

Ben talked to a senior member of the British army.


Gordon Brown has now taken Mr Blair’s place, he’s been installed as Prime Minister, a post he’s coveted for years and there’s a whole new era in British politics just beginning.

Ben with classmates.
Ben with classmates.

To conclude our Ben’s Britain series, our young reporter has gathers some class mates together at his school to come up with ideas of what Mr Brown should turn his attention to first.

First broadcast week beginning June 25th

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