25 April, 2007 - Published 11:51 GMT

James Fletcher
Carbon Conquistador.

Fletch's Footprints

One of the buzz-phrases of the moment is "carbon footprint".

It means the amount of carbon a person is directly responsible for as a consequence of their lifestyle and hence how much the contribute to global

Drive a fast car, use loads of gadgets, fly round the world a lot and you'll have a big carbon footprint. Walk to work, and live in a shed and you'll have a carbon footprint as dainty as hermit's sandal.

Visit the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

While poorer people in developing countries generally have very low carbon footprints, it's probably no surprise that most people in developed countries tend to generate more than their fair share of CO2. And as the world looks for ways to reduce climate change, they're under pressure to cut the carbon.

The next report from the International Panel on Climate Change is about to be delivered so The World Today commissioned intrepid explorer James Fletcher to go on a personal journey to find out how just he measures up.

In his final report, James examines how his experience compares with people in developing countries with Dr Stephan Singer, climate change campaigner for the World Wildlife Fund.

Dr Stephan Singer.

First broadcast 23rd - 26th April