19 September, 2006 - Published 13:51 GMT

Netherlands Today

The Netherlands is a small, prosperous country with a reputation for tolerance. However, like many countries in Europe, it is now grappling with the twin issues of how open it should be to new immigrants and how well previous immigrants have been absorbed into society.

The figures are not good, three times as many people from ethnic minorities are out of work compared to the national average. In the large Dutch Moroccan community, the situation is particularly bad.

Well, all this week the World Today's Michael Innes is travelling around the Netherlands looking at the factors affecting social and economic integration, a case study of one country's integration successes and failures if you like.

Part 1 - Getting to know the Netherlands

In the second part of these special reports, Michael goes to the smart, coastal resort of Noordwijk to meet some second generation immigrants who are now getting a boost in their pursuit of a successful career.

Part 2 - Noordwijk

In this next installment from Michael he goes to Utrecht, and looks at the role of music in helping people to integrate.

Part 3 - Musical Integration

In part four of his series, Michael Innes is looking at how football can encourage cohesion between people of different races.

Part 4 - Sporting Integration

For the final part in our series of personal perspectives from Dutch immigrants, we turn to Victor, a Dutch Portuguese saxophonist, who plies his trade in Utrecht's Central Station.

Part 5 - Personal Perspectives

First Broadcast 18th-22nd September 2006