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Last updated: 08 November, 2007 - Published 10:01 GMT
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'The Cleanser' - Real Life Superheroes
 'The Cleanser' a Real Life Superhero
'The Cleanser' a Real Life Superhero
The Real Life Superheroes, as they're known, dress up in comic-strip-style costumes and do good deeds, things like picking up litter and handing out crime prevention leaflets.

They're work is completely voluntary. Superheroes are scattered around the globe and recently, for the first time, some of them got together in New York.

Reporter Tara Gadomski went to speak to some ‘Real Life Superheroes’.

Tara initially met up with Chaim Lazaros who co-founded the group that bought the superheroes together.

Chaim started by explaining what a Real Life Superhero was:

"Anyone who goes out in their own unique persona to do good of any sort."

Real Life Superheroes realise that they don’t have super-powers but like Batman they are ordinary people who have goals and create tools to help them achieve their ambitions.

“They’re not delusional- they know that they're humans with limited abilities. But any human if he's focused enough, like Batman, could train himself and can get all sorts of tools and toys to help them in going out there and doing good.”

The work of Real Life Superheroes is very varied; for example, ‘The cleanser’ will actively go out and clean the streets. ‘Direction man’ will go out and offer directions. Other people have less specific personas and just aim to help.

'Superheroes Anonymous,' the organisation that has brought the heroes together, was formed because Chaim wanted the heroes to be able to tell their own storied and to

“Show that this isn't just a whole bunch of individuals.... this is a movement - a greater force."

Most people say about the huge problems in the world:
"What could I do... I'm just one person and then they don't do anything and that's the worse thing...big change is just made by little people doing little bits of change together, that's what real life superheroes are all about."

Chaim only recently came out as a superhero- a more experienced hero is 'The Cleanser.'

Speaking about her work ‘The Cleanser’ said

"My mission is to clean up the streets of Manhattan and improve the environment in people’s communities, so that they have more pride in their communities."

A typical patrol is choosing an area and cleaning up the place, for example putting rubbish in a bin. The overall aim is to try and encourage people to take pride in their neighbourhood.

‘The Cleanser’ said that it was important to take on her superhero persona and go out in uniform because it draws attention to her work. After all how many people would take notice if an ordinary person was picking up rubbish?

"If they're in a costume and a cape - you tend to stop and look."

‘The Cleanser’ didn’t want to talk about her alter ego:

"I keep the two very separate...when I'm the Cleanser I'm The Cleanser and when I'm my other self then I'm that person."

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