22 October, 2007 - Published 10:38 GMT

On Outlook this week

After 40 years, a son reveals to world what life was like as the son of a Mossad Spy

Oded Gur Arie was 12 and living in Paris when he found out that his father was a spy for the Israeli secret service in Egypt.

He and his mother already knew that his cover was as an ex-Nazi horse breeder, what they did not know was that he had fallen in love and married another woman.

You can hear Oded's story on Wednesday.

Before that...

On Monday you can hear about ‘White Lobster’. Along what is known as the 'Mosquito Coast' in Nicaragua some locals are making a living by fishing for cocaine, thrown overboard by smugglers as they try to outrun the pursuing authorities.

And we’ll be hearing about ‘LaserMonks’. Christian monks in the US state of Wisconsin have hit the headlines by creating a multi million dollar office supply business.

On Tuesday documentary maker Shrenik Rao talks about his experiences inside Zimbabwe earlier this year as he releases a new documentary about the country.

And hear the story of Arigona Zogaj. Originally from Kosovo, Arigona arrived in Austria with her father, mother and four siblings. After her father and siblings left the country Arigona went into hiding. Sheltered at one point by a priest, Arigona escaped deportation and has just started back at school.

Later in the week we hear from the mining town of Almaden, in the La Mancha region of Spain. Locals are trying to reinvent themselves as their traditional industry, mining mercury, is becoming unsustainable.

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