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DNA testing

Let us read your genetic tea-leaves. Thats the offer from various companies eager to sell genetic tests - but there's no regulation, and some question whether the science is good enough.

20 Mar 2009

Troubled Madagascar's oil hopes

As Madagascar struggles to get through its violent political upheavals, how has the island's fragile economy survived?

18 Mar 2009

Outrage over AIG bonus payments

There is growing anger in Washington about revelations from the US insurance giant AIG on the way it spent much of the $150bn bailout money it received from the American taxpayer.

16 Mar 2009

Zambian phone maker takes on world

The mobile phone industry is big business in Africa, but users have had to rely on imported handsets. Now a Zambian manufacturer is setting up shop, and aims to export its phones to the rest of Africa.

13 Mar 2009

AIG rescue defended

The US Treasury has defended its $180bn bail-out of the troubled insurer AIG. One government official said if AIG were to fail - other US firms would be hurt

4 and 6 Mar 2009

Economic fallout

The collapse in world trade is hurting economies like China and India, which were not so long ago touted as the new engines of global growth

27 Feb 2009

Record loss
Britain's Royal Bank of Scotland reports the biggest annual company loss in UK corporate history and is to get further help from taxpayers

26 Feb 2009

Mines close
De Beers is temporarily shutting some of its diamond mines in Botswana because of the fall in demand due to the global economic slowdown

24 Feb 2009

Liquidity warning
The Bank of Antigua has warned of a possible liquidity crisis in the island due to the fraud scandal surrounding Sir Allen Stanford

20 Feb 2009

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