Meet the Presenter: Angie Hobbs

Meet the Presenter: Angie Hobbs

Angie Hobbs gained a First Class Honours Degree in Classics and a PhD in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

After a Research Fellowship at Christ's College, Cambridge, she is now Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Warwick. Her chief interests are in ancient philosophy and literature, ethics (both theoretical and applied) and political theory, and she has published widely in these areas, including Plato and the Hero (Cambridge University Press 2000).

She contributes regularly to radio programmes on the BBC, in addition to a variety of other media and public work, in the UK, continental Europe and the States; she also lectures and give talks around the world.

She is currently writing a book on heroism, courage and fame and producing a new translation of, and commentary on, Plato's Symposium, a vivid dramatic dialogue exploring different views on the origins, nature, aims and effects of erotic love.

Aside from academia, Angie has many interests: walking, gardening, music, theatre and many sports - especially cricket.