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The Body Trade radio series
The Body Trade radio series
Where there is poverty, there are always people dreaming of escape and those offering to help them.

Discover how dreams often turn into nightmares at the hands of middlemen who buy and sell people for sex or forced labour, or those who arrange live donors for transplants, or babies for adoption.
Listen to Programme One
(30 minutes)
Programme One - Sex Trafficking

The trafficking of women for sex is on the increase. The Body Trade follows Nigerian girls onto the streets of Rome, Moldovan and Russian girls sold across Europe.

Organisations talk about the problems of prosecuting the traffickers, but, according to Mary Robinson, former United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, the customers must be confronted too.

Listen to Programme Two
(30 minutes)
Programme Two - Organ Trafficking Trade

All over the world rich people who are ill are prepared to pay huge sums of money for the chance of a normal life. Equally, desperately poor people are driven to sell a kidney as a way of feeding their families.

Into this trade have stepped unscrupulous brokers, prepared to trick people into parting with an organ, often for a paltry fee.

Listen to Programme Three
(30 minutes)
Programme Three - Trafficking for Labour

Millions of people across the world are traded for their labour, and shackled to employers by debt.

We hear how poor workers from China pay huge sums to traffickers to transport them to Europe and America. In Florida we visit labour camps, where indebted to the gang masters who hire them, people are trapped in the modern form of slavery.

Listen to Programme Four
(30 minutes)
Programme Four - Trafficking Babies

In this programme we report on the global adoption scam - how rich people are buying babies for huge sums believing them to be "orphans" when they are not.

How brokers and middlemen are preying on vulnerable families and persuading them to part with their children.

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