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  Encrypted websites have been found providing 'grooming' advice for paedophiles
  Encrypted websites have been found providing "grooming" advice for paedophiles
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  The treaty outlines global policing procedures, including intercepting email, computer searches and extraditing suspected criminals.

This international paedophile crackdown came as a result of an investigation dubbed "Operation Cathedral."

Co-ordinated by the National Crime Squad, this operation resulted in 130 arrests and search warrants in 19 countries across the world, including 10 in the UK.

Those under investigation were suspected of using internet newsgroups to request, exchange and supply paedophilic images.

In one instance a newsgroup was used to seek help with the "grooming" of young children.

Demon Internet, a British Internet Service Provider, was asked by the National Crime Squad in Britain to monitor its servers on a particular day.

The data collected revealed that 10,000 people accessed the offending newsgroups during the specified period of time.

This figure was narrowed to 2,800 people who visited the groups at least 10 times, and finally 130 targets were identified for showing evidence of committing criminal offences online.

The investigation demonstrated the need for a cybercrime treaty as Superintendent Peter Spindler explained, "we learned, not surprisingly, that those abusing the internet have learnt from recent police successes how best to protect their true identities."
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