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  Legal assault rifles for sale, Houston, Texas
  Legal gun sales can be regulated, but illegal trade is harder to monitor
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  He claimed to have made US$10,000 from one gun deal - buying a couple of crates of arms from an illegal wholesaler and selling them on to people in his neighbourhood.

"You make a deal like that and you don't have to work for two or three months," he explained.

In Jose's opinion, people on the street want to be armed because the guns make them feel powerful and safe. "You take a rifle like a Kalashnikov with 72 rounds in the magazine, you can kill 72 people with that. Maybe more.

"I mean that gun is so powerful a bullet could hit me in the chest, pass out my back and hit you in the head."

The illegal arms trade, Jose explained, functions like any other business. "There's people out there who order guns on a daily basis to be shipped to different parts of the country - Texas, Massachusetts, California.

"The main guy out there supplies maybe a third of the United States with guns, and he's out there doing his job to get all the guns that need to be got, to distribute, to make his money."
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