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  Dr Bhagat Singh Makkar
  Dr Makkar maintains that he has "never traded in human organs."
  Cash for kidneys:

• An investigation recently revealed that many of the poorest people in India sell their kidneys for the equivalent of £400.
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  The organ broker's story

Arranging for someone to buy a live kidney is illegal. So Dr Bhagat Singh Makkar, a family doctor in London, was struck off the medical register when he was found guilty of doing just that.

Paul Samrai was the undercover reporter who approached Dr Makkar to find out if he could fix up an illegal kidney transplant. He told the BBC World Service "We called him up and immediately he switched into transplant mode."

The doctor was secretly recorded offering to arrange a kidney transplant using a live donor, for money.

"We did not pluck Dr Makkar from the yellow pages" said Paul. "The doctor was recommended to us as the man to talk to in the London area."

His research began following the death of a British Asian man living in the Coventry area. He had been to India for a live kidney transplant. Another doctor, Jarnail Singh, has been suspended from the medical register in that case.
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