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Smugglers often use ingenious methods to transfer drugs
Smugglers often use ingenious methods to transfer drugs
In April 2002 a 12-year-old suspected drugs mule, recovered in a New York hospital after swallowing 87 condoms full of heroin
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Class A drug smuggling

Class A drugs trafficking is the priority for most law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The trade in 'hard' drugs such as heroin and cocaine is considered by police as the greatest threat to life, either through violent killings given the high money stakes and/or addiction.

Need or greed means that drug traffickers often resort to ingenious methods to get their consignments past the authorities.

Large consignments of cocaine have been found in the heels and soles of shoe imports or made into pottery, papier-mâché pears and even almond nuts.

People have worn wet cocaine solution soaked clothes, or have mixed heroin into spirits and fruit pulp.

3.7 kilos of herbal cannabis was found wrapped around the outside of a passenger's false leg at a London airport

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