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Last updated: 30 June, 2005 - Published 16:42 GMT
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What was on?
Here you can see what was on when in today's special.

Look at the time and then you can listen back to it on the site.

17:00 Opening

17:01 News Bulletin

17:06 Unemployment in Germany

17:12 Business - Pan European View of Unemployment with Alex Ritson

17:15 Panel - Two Men with Strong Views - the former Danish Prime Minister and President of the Party of European Socialists Paol Nuuroop Rasmussen who introduced changes to the Danish labour market in the nineties and Dr Michael Fuchs, a member of the Opposition CDU party in Germany.

17:18 View from Adeline Bonnet lives in Paris and has not worked for six months.

17:20 Are the unemployed more likely to suffer from depression and stress? One of the main researchers, Professor Thomas Kieselbach from Institute for the Psychology of Work, Unemployment and Health in Bremen, Germany tells us more.

17:22 Return to Panel.

17:27 Sport

17:32 UK Presidency

17:36 Lithuania - Stephen Paulikas reports from the new member state, where an increasing number of people are rejoining the workforce.

17:40 Business - Migrant Workers in Europe. How do they benefit teh economy and what does the future look like?

17:45 What is the future for Europe and Work? We brought together three people, all workers, who have views on this. In London we have Carl Honore, author of the book "In Praise of Slow", which challenges the cult of speed in our lives. In Paris we have the economist Xavier Timbeau and from Sweden we have Social Anthropologist Clarissa Kugelberg.

18:00 End

If you've got a question or comment to make email us at

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