Documentary Friday

Documentary Friday

Last Updated: Friday, 19 June 2009, 08:06 GMT

After waiting for Mr Right – and after years of fertility treatments – Suzanne, a single woman in her forties in Chicago, decided to adopt. She chose trans-racial adoption, because there is a shortage of prospective parents willing to adopt African American babies in the United States, so this can dramatically decrease the waiting time.

Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister of Long Haul Productions follow Suzanne for several months through the whole adoption process as she waits to see if she will finally become a parent: a letter from Suzanne addressed to ‘Dear Birth Mother’; workshops designed to ‘teach white people to raise kids of colour’; shopping trips for baby essentials with her opinionated mother (who sometimes happens to be right); a powerful meeting with a young woman and a baby at an ordinary pancake house; and finally, a suburban restaurant where Suzanne’s long nerve-wracking wait ends and her journey of parenthood begins.

Producers: Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister, Long Haul Productions, Michigan, USA

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