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A Fresh Start For Africa
The picture is not all bleak
It is a time of great opportunity in Africa. Apartheid has been defeated and the independence era is 30-40 years old, but the scars of history are deep and the hurdles facing the continent are very stark.

A Fresh Start For Africa, a three part series, examines the challenges ahead and opportunities envisaged by a new continent-wide development plan.

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In October 2001, with the events of September 11 still fresh in everyone's minds, British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared,

“The state of Africa is a scar on the conscience of the world.”
He argued that, “If the world as a community focused on it, we could heal it.”

What has happened to that crusade to make Africa's plight a global concern? Do his words have a hollow ring?

In a first of a three-part series, Tanzanian journalist Adam Lusekelo looks at the challenges and opportunities facing his continent and asks whether this could be the dawn of a Fresh Start for Africa?

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Aid to Africa has fallen by a third in the last decade and yet Africa is by far the world's poorest continent, and on current trends is set to become poorer still.

But in today's interdependent world, can the affluent north afford to turn its back on the anguish of the impoverished south?

In the second part of our series A Fresh Start for Africa, Adam Lusekelo continues his exploration of the opportunities and challenges facing his continent by asking whether there now needs to be a new economic deal for Africa.

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 Listen to Programme Three

The picture is not all bleak.

There have been many previous grandiose plans for the continent, put forward by the World Bank, the IMF and others. None has really worked.

In 1999, the Organisation Of African Unity adopted the key principle that governments coming to power through unconstitutional means would no longer be welcomed as members.

The newly inaugurated African Union has also taken this on board, and in addition agreed to make provision for intervention in grave circumstances, such as war crimes and genocide.

This is a significant new departure.

In the final part of the series, Adam Lusekelo asks if the tide can be turned in Africa's favour?

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A Fresh Start For Africa was first broadcast on BBC World Service in February 2003.
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