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Mother to 12 twins

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Gladys Bulinya is 35 years old and the mother of six sets of twins - a total of 12 children.

That in itself is something of a challenge, but Gladys lives in a part of Kenya where people think twins are cursed.

As a result, she has been rejected by her family and by the fathers of her children.

She now lives in a one roomed grass-thatched house and she and some of her children do odd jobs in order to feed the family.

Muliro Telewa from the BBC's Nairobi Bureau first bumped into Gladys at a traditional ceremony.

He says she stood out because of the desperate and insistent way she way she was asking for work.

She told him how when her first twins were born her family told her to leave them at the district hospital for adoption. They were eventually taken in by their paternal grandfather.

Gladys now lives with her remaining ten children.

When Muliro Telewa met Gladys at her house for Outlook, she told him all about the story of the births of her children.

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