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A Cosmetic Surgeon's Double Life

Dr Enrique Steiger

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Top plastic surgeon Dr Enrique Steiger leads a surprising professional double life. He may make money from performing cosmetic surgery for the rich, but he also helps the less fortunate by treating casualities in African war zones.

For much of the year, Dr Steiger lives an extremely comfortable life. He has a plush clinic by a lake in Zurich, Switzerland and Hollywood celebrities, politicians and diplomats fly in by private jet to see him. In his spare time, he relaxes with his wife and daughter, sails his yacht, and drives his sports car.

However the 52-year-old surgeon's life is not just one glossy magazine advert.

For several months of each year, he also lives and works in battle zones with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

He performs life-saving trauma surgery on local people who are not offered the same emergency medical treatment that is available to troops.

Dr Steiger was not unprepared for the task, as he had experience treating trauma and burns victims before he began doing facelifts.

A chance opportunity then led him to take a post as a doctor with the UN in Namibia.

And after that he went to Angola, where he treated casualties on the front line during the civil war.

When Outlook's Lucy Ash spoke to Dr Steiger from Zurich, he described how a trip to Rwanda at the height of the genocide in 1994 showed him the true horror of his work out there.

Dr Steiger (left) at work

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