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Suzanne Thi Hien Hook

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Suzanne Thi Hien Hook is a child of the Vietnam war.

Born to a Vietnamese mother and a black American soldier, she was handed over to an orphanage, and at three years old was adopted by a white Christian couple and brought to their home in England.

Her adoptive parents had two children of their own, and took in another Vietnamese baby - a boy.

But Suzanne always felt like an outsider - partly because of her ethnicity, partly because she would not follow her parents' religion.

After 40 turbulent years, she has now come full circle, and has given up a successful business to move to Vietnam to set up an orphanage of her own.

From Ho Chi Minh City, Suzanne spoke to Outlook's Jo Fidgen and told her about her childhood, and her decision to go back to Vietnam.

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